Important announcement LEV TOV CONGREGATION AT THE WATERWAYS PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE FOR CHANGES THIS SHABAT WE WILL PRAY AT THE SEDAGHATI HOME Points Townhouse DAVID & NOGA SEDAGHATI 3735 NE 214 st AVENTURA FL 33180 There are flyers with direction on Lev Tov door PARASHAT KI TISA שבת פרשת כי תישא NOGA AND DAVID SEDAGHATI INVITE THE CONGREGATION TO A LIGHT KIDUSH AND SEUDA SHLISHIT FOR REFUAH SHLEMA OF THE LITTLE BABY, TALIA CHAYA BAT NATALI KEREN, and KOHAVA BAT ORO ZEHAVA,and others who need fast recovery Candle lighting: 6:00 pm on Friday, FEBRUARY 23rd, 2019 Lev Tov Congregation at Waterways Please text/what’s up chat all PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE TO ALL LEV TOV CONGREGATION AND FRIEND OF LEV TOV AT THE WATERWAYS JOIN US FOR THIS SHABBAT Torah Reading KI TISA Candle Lighting: 6:00 P.M. Shir Hashirim: 5:30 pm Mincha: 5:45 pm NEW TIME FOR SHACHARIT ⏱??Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 שחרית Shabbat morning: 8:15 am 8:30 Hodoo 4:45 Ladie’s Thilim ? TORAH STUDY 4:30 P.M.? Shabbat MINCHA (Korbanot)5:15 PM Shabbat Ends: 6:53 PM Havdalah:after 7:09 Please tell everyone Toda Shabat shalom Itzhak Bachar שבת שלום ומבורך Lev Tov Congregation

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